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Join our network of inspiring and engaged #teacherpreneurs (teacher bloggers and/or TpT sellers) for giveaways and promo opportunities to help grow your brand. Our group is to provide encouragement, support and community for teacher blogger + sellers so we can work together and #growtogether!

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Click the link of the giveaway you’d like to be a part of and fill out the Google form. Kelsey will then contact you as the giveaway nears with more details!

General IG Loop Giveaways

These will be hosted by whomever signs up to participate…regardless of the number of followers they have on their account.


Help us spread the word! Know any other teacher bloggers and/or TpT sellers? Let them know about the network (this page and/or the Facebook group) and we all benefit! #worktogether #growtogether



Hi, I'm Kelsey! I started A Blog for Teachers to have a landing pad for the Teacher Blogger Seller Network. I hope you find the resources here helpful and will reach out if you'd like to connect!


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