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How to Triple Your Teacher Blog’s Email List

How to Triple Your Blog's Email List
*This post may contain affiliate links*

Some questions I get emailed to me a lot are “How can I grow my email list for my blog?” and “How do you offer free things in exchange for someone subscribing to an email list?” My answer to both of those questions is the same: ConvertKit. 

When I started on this blogging journey and decided it was something I wanted to stick with and really work to grow, I began looking into growing my email list. I didn’t know the first thing about how to get started, but I knew I wanted to do it right without it taking over my life. I tried Mailchimp, but Mailchimp just didn’t suit my blogging needs. When I found ConvertKit, through a fellow blogger friend, I began using it through a trial just to see what it was all about.

I immediately fell in love and realized this tool was exactly what I was looking for to really supercharge my email list and engage readers in a more individualized way. Not only could I utilize CovertKit to send broadcast “newsletter” type emails, but I could create multiple forms and attach lead magnets to various blog posts to capture more emails while giving readers a resource they want!

Want to TRIPLE your blog’s email list like I did? You should try ConvertKit (click here for a 14-day FREE trial!)! 

What It Is

ConvertKit is an email service provider that allows bloggers to set up automated email sequences and use email marketing tools to grow their business. Always wonder how your favorite blogger sends out an email literally every single day that seems super specific? Not only are they super planned out (obviously), but they are probably using an email provider, like ConvertKit, that allows them to create sequences of emails to “set” and let run in the background based off the form you signed up on! I wasn’t even aware of this when I first started looking into ConvertKit, as I was more interested in how my favorite #teacherbloggers were immediately emailing me a freebie in exchange for an email sign-up (did they never leave their computer?! 😉 )


  • Create Multiple Forms to Capture Leads: When you use ConvertKit, you can make as many email sign up forms as you’d like. For example, when you write blog posts on many different topics, you can make as many different, specific forms as you’d like to link to those posts. Writing about teacher self-care? Make a form to build an email list based off that! Writing posts about specific behavior management strategies? Link a form for those looking for more on that subject!
  • Offer “Lead Magnets” in Exchange for an Email Subscription: I’m sure you’ve visited your favorite bloggers’ sites and have signed up for an email list to receive a free printable or resource. . . those resources you’re getting are called “lead magnets”. ConvertKit allows you to do the same thing! So, create as many freebies as you’d like to connect to your specific posts…this is what mainly helped me TRIPLE my email list!
  • Automation: In ConvertKit, you can set up “sequences” that automatically send out once someone signs up for your email list. Connect those sequences to your various forms and you can have many running at one time! Want to send out a “Welcome” sequence of 3 emails to subscribers? Easy! Want to start a free “email course” that people can sign up for? Do it! Once you set it up, it will automatically run in the background. All you have to do is respond to emails that people send back to you!
  • Track Conversions + Click-Through Rates: One of my favorite things ConvertKit offers are the tracking tools. Becuase you can set up multiple forms…you’re able to experiment with the various forms on different blog posts to see which ones are doing the best! Not getting any click-throughs on your email lists or no one is signing up on your form? You’ll be able to compare and make adjustments as you go!
  • Tag Subscribers: A feature that many email platforms don’t have, that ConvertKit has for you to utilize easily, is the ability to tag subscribers. You can tag subscribers for any things, but it becomes particularly helpful when you have someone opting into multiple lists for you, or you want to see who opens specific links you offer in your emails. In true teacher form, I believe the more data=the better!

If it sounds like ConvertKit is what you’re looking for, sign up for a FREE 14-day trial! After the free trial you can either opt to continue using the service or going back to whatever you use now…so you have nothing to lose!

Have questions about ConvertKit? Feel free to comment them below! Want to get more content sent to your inbox about teacher blogging? Sign up on the form below!


How to Grow Your Blog in One Simple Step

Want to grow your teacher blog? Here is how you can do it in ONE simple step!
*This post may contain affiliate links*

Hey y’all! If you’ve been following the blog this summer you’ve seen that I’ve been writing about How to Start a Teacher Blog and have been helping people through the process of getting started. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve talked to not only brand new teacher bloggers, but also established bloggers who want to grow their brand and following. Because of this, I wanted to drop by today to talk about How to Grow Your Blog in One Simple Step.

For some background...I have noticed that some bloggers that have great content, and are super active on social media, don’t have an email subscription form on their blog. They do SO much work to write amazing content and to direct people to their posts, but then they don’t have an established way to “keep” readers coming back, or to build in a following. On a basic level, every blogger needs at least one way for visitors on their site to give their email address. When you’re just getting started, this can be just a simple email capture form on the side of your blog or at the bottom of posts using Mailchimp, or if you’d like to get more advanced, ConvertKit* (which is what I use).

Now, let’s assume you already have an email form somewhere on your blog. You may be thinking, “Kelsey, literally no one signs up on that thing. Why do I even need it?” Well, to grow your email list you have to start being super intentional, just like we all are when we are teaching. Whether that is creating lead magnets (freebies and such) to send to those in exchange for subscribing, or explicitly asking for email sign-ups in posts, intentionality and consistency will yield results. 

This brings me to my “One Simple Step”: 

To grow your blog and build your email list, you just need to start asking. Literally, just asking. I did a webinar with ConvertKit recently, and they shared to do this:

Ask anyone you know this question, “I’m working on some new content right now about ___________, would that be something you’d be interested in hearing/learning more about?

Don’t add any background, or extra explanation–just straight up ask! When they say yes, add them to your email list! If they say no, well, you’re just growing in confidence 🙂 If you can get 10 people today to say yes, and you continue on to try to get 10 each day, you can grow your email list in no time! I did this exact thing, as I felt that my email list growth had become sort of stagnate, and I grew it by 100 people super quickly. Once you start getting “YES” answers from people and are seeing growth, you’ll be even more energized to keep asking!

Your email list is super important in terms of building your blog’s following, and eventually, lead to sales for you–whether it is for  TeachersPayTeachers products, or some other product you’re offering. Don’t spend all of your energy on creating great content and social media and neglect, in my opinion, the most important thing in terms of growing your blog: your e-mail list.

So…to practice what I preach…

I’m working on some new content right now about starting and growing your teacher blog, would this be something you’d be interested in learning more about? If so, subscribe below 🙂