Teaching is a Political Act

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As a teacher in the “online teaching community”, I’ve noticed that many teachers are “just here for the cutesy”. Whether I or my friends have posted about something political and have lost many followers, or by the comments and DMs that I’ve seen exchanged on Instagram, there are many people that seem to not want teachers to engage in any dialogue about things that seem “political”. The best conversations I’ve seen on Instagram and Facebook, however, have revolved around someone’s “political” posts–whether they have pushed teachers to be more reflective in their practice, in their personal life or have helped people to re-examine how they use their platforms to advocate for others and causes that matter.

For my blog’s re-branding, I’m shifting away from just posting about things “for middle school teachers” and I’ve simply changed the name to “A Blog for Teachers”. In an effort to make the blog more “me” and so I can also work to extend some conversations that are happening in the online teacher community to longer blog posts, I am expanding my focus to also include “Politics”. I have a passion for teaching, connecting with others and in politics. I want my blog to reflect those things. My teaching posts will be the same old stuff you’re used to–middle school tips and tricks. My blogging posts will be to engage the Teacher Blogger Seller + Network and to help out teachers who want to start their own business as a teacher blogger or Teachers Pay Teachers seller (which has become a passion of mine!). And my Political Posts will be an effort to bring authentic voices to issues that are already being discussed in our online communities–whether about current events, gun violence advocacy, cultural competency, unpacking privilege, etc.

I want to be proof that is it okay to not be silent on “political issues”–you will still run your successful business. I want to show others that talking about things that may seem uncomfortable helps make us all better.

Teaching in and of itself is a political act. Teachers are change agents. We all need to become more comfortable engaging with material that educates us, pushes us and forces us to reflect. I hope my little slice of internet real estate can help us all continue to do this.

If you have a post idea or would like to be a guest contributor for a political post, please email me at kelseynhayes@gmail.com.


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  • Reply
    April 6, 2018 at 6:44 pm

    I love this. I think it’s important for teachers to express their opinions about issues in a professional manner. I am very passionate about many things and politics tops the list.

  • Reply
    Paxton Mooney
    April 7, 2018 at 8:52 am

    I’m so excited about your rebranding and seeing what you do with this platform!

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